i want…

Lavender Water LilyInspired by another blogger as well as this morning’s frustration by another episode of sleeping past my alarm.  I’m making a list.

  • my motivation for the gym back
  • to fill my passport up with stamps from culturally beautiful countries
  • to skip work and go to the gym
  • to get a pedicure every month
  • to never feel guilty for having chocolate every day
  • to write for a living
  • to have a home on the beach
  • to be fluent in French
  • to stop leaving my clothes in a pile at the foot of my bed after I wash them
  • to buy new lingerie
  • to have time for a dog
  • to run a ten minute mile every time
  • to have three day weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
  • a new digestive system and fast metabolism
  • grow plants not kill them
  • a muffin/cupcake tin
  • a madeliene pan
  • to not have the desire to make a list of wants because I have everything required for happiness
  • to go to breakfast with one of my girlfriends
  • to laugh uncontrollably for some reason every day
  • a nice tan that doesn’t come from a bottle
  • neighbors that aren’t slobs
  • a big backyard for a dog and outdoor dinner parties
  • new pillows
  • more places to put my books
  • an obscene amount of kitchenware and a place for all of it
  • a treadmill with a flat screen tv right in front of it
  • good running shoes
  • a new wardrobe
  • my bug bites to heal right now
  • to call in sick
  • to be magically good at surfing and parkour
  • to have my motorcycle license and own a bike
  • to remember everything I read

-Better get ready for work…


18 Comments to “i want…”

  1. THIS is a great list 😉 I hope you get all you want. And that ur frustrations cease by days end!

  2. i love how you said, to remember everything you’ve read. i really wish i had a list of all the books ive read in my life! ive read thousands and thousands and can probably only truly remember a good handful. the best ones i guess? still, it would be nice to have that list!

    • I just want to remember each and every piece of information. Maybe a bit of a photographic memory, but better. Not that I need to recite a whole novel–but to remember details would be awesome.

  3. This is an awesome list!

    …and thanks for your super sweet comment on my blog! In the meantime, we can just swap recipes!

  4. Couldn’t agree more…
    “to fill my passport up with stamps from culturally beautiful countries”…
    This list celebrates the simplicities of life 🙂 I love it!

  5. I would like alot of the same things from your list as well….since I work from home most of the time, I spend all day most days thinking of more things, LOL.


  6. I’m going to use some of your list. I’ll let you know if you have an exciting life. Ha Ha

  7. Let’s just shoot for happy and hope that exciting comes with.

  8. Ha ha! I think I can pretty much relate to everything on your list right now!

  9. It is well….I laugh and share many, many, many of your desires…but yep, work calls!

  10. I love this! Mostly because as I read I forgot I was on someone else’s blog and actually felt like I was reading MY lust list! Love finding girlies with the same loves as me…

    XoX super cute blog! New daily read of mine!

    • I am happy you found yourself at home! I try to be grateful for everything I have but some times you just want more. I figured that if I put it out there in the universe that it just may happen with a little action.

      Visit any time!

  11. Your List Kicks Ass. I love it! Thanks for stopping by my Blog Miss.

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