a couple of things that have me excited

So if you’ve checked out my About, you know I like baking and eating and writing and if I like writing I must like books a whole lot–SO, that is what my little piece of blog is about today.  There were a couple of things I saw on  the internet that I found interesting and useful and pertain to all of the above.

For the past couple of years, I have had a lovely stack of CookingLight magazines stashed in a neat pile (surprisingly neat actually) beneath my desk.  I was on MSN a couple of weeks ago and perusing their tips for organizing when they pointed me to Denver’s Bookbinding site.  For $50 a pop, they will bind your magazines into a hardbound book for safe keeping.  I have yet to do so and I’m not sure about spending the money on it just yet when I need to buy tires, but for those rolling in dough and magazines this might be a great find.

The second is one that I found on a fellow blogger’s site to of which I can’t remember so if you see this and feel like it might be your blog, shoot me a message and I will link it up.  TasteBook is soon to be my new obsession once I find to obsess about it.  You can upload, link, add, etc. your favorite recipes and make your very own cookbook.  The possibilities are endless, but the most exciting to me is the possibility of having a family cookbook of all the recipes from the many cultures and heritages that make me-me and you-you.

I wanted to be so much wittier and write so much more on these two subjects, but as you can tell by the stretches of time between my posts lately, my day job is taking over!

Please do let me know your thoughts too…


4 Comments to “a couple of things that have me excited”

  1. that’s a great idea with the book binding! I have spend the last couple days tearing out pages of my food&wines and putting them in a very basic binder… would be nice to have something more substantial. thanks for the hot tip 😉

    • I have a similar binder as well of food network recipes and magazine tear-outs. My old gym would always have a collection of food, recipe, etc. magazines (why this was helpful when you’re trying to lose weight, I have no idea) and I would selfishly take out the recipes and tips I wanted.

  2. I have lots of recipes in plastic sleeves in a ring binder too. My problem with getting all the magazines bound together is that a. I don’t use most of the recipes in a mag, and b. I’d pretty quickly run out of space!

    On that topic, doesn’t it drive you crazy when you splurge on a cookbook and then end up only making (if you’re lucky) one or two things from it? I get so cross with myself when that happens…

  3. The first thing I do when I move is get all my books out of their boxes and onto the shelves-cookbooks or otherwise. They are what brings the feeling of home closest to me. So space-eh, I’ll sleep on top of books.

    I feel as though I read somewhere of being able to scan and get the recipes bound, but I overlooked it since it just seemed too time-consuming compared to the alternative.

    I agree. Unless I really like the chef…cookbooks are hit and miss.

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