just a little gift

Seeking a long, wonderful four-day weekend not only means plenty of time, relaxing, reading, sun-soaking and the occasional drink and dessert.  It also means, three ridiculously busy, character-building, hair-pulling, on the verge of tears days as I try to get everything done and just so.  But I did it!  I was the little train that could and I did it.

However, a little moment happened during the course of my day today that just made me smile and make my day…better.  My co-worker and friend came in from her lunch break, playing the age-old game: pick-a-hand.  I always go with the left.  I sit there for a good moment thinking, “Risk it, choose the right one!”  I end up choosing the left.  In her hand was a wonderfully pink and gold shiny bag of none other than chocolate.

Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares filled with raspberry filling and all I thought–Just for me???  Could have cried.  I didn’t, but really I could have.  I opened the bag and interestingly there was one square that looked so unlike the others.  A surprise?  A surprise I actually like?  We’ll see.  Squares

I pulled out the square that was wrapped in red and white.  It would have been great had I unwrapped it and Wonka’s Golden Ticket had fallen out of it, but I was still happy.  Luxe milk chocolate and almond.  Melted so wonderfully, I had forgotten how well milk chocolate could.

XOXO Thank you, chica for my little gift…


One Comment to “just a little gift”

  1. The best gifts are always the little unexpected ones. Enjoy your four days off! I’m reminded though of a comment I once read..”there’s no such thing as holidays, just advanced and deferred work”!

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