disoriented monday

So I have obviously not mastered the tools of blogging as when I logged in the morning, I see that two pictures I could cross my heart I posted into my blog are not there.  Blank spaces marked with a little red X make feel rather stupid. 

All around, I’m rather sleepy and still full from the non-stop eating that occurred over the weekend.  From gorging on seafood and trying my very first oysters to a Belgian pecan waffle and home-style potatoes.  When I do finally get to the gym today, I’ll be sure to skip the scale.  Weekends should never be measured by a weight scale.

I slept in this morning, but still managed to come in an hour before work actually starts–and I even stopped for coffee at Zumbar.  Not yet halfway through my large dark mocha, and my weekend is slowly coming into view and I’m connecting the dots.  I managed to balance boy time, girl time, and even family time (a nearly impossible feat).  I’m going to do my best to stay laid back and quietly make my way through the day.  No quick movements; someone might notice me. 

It’s sunny out; I’m hoping the weather man was wrong about the rain this week.


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