just a little nutty but plenty chocolatey

I’m not sure where they came from, but more than a few days a go, a large bag of bananas appeared on the kitchen counter.  I do not like bananas.  My parents and most other people like bananas.  However, I wasn’t confident that for all the love of bananas that my parents have that they would successfullly finish all of them before they began browning.  bananas

So it wasn’t too big of a surprise when my mother poked her head from her bedroom one morning to ask whether or not I like banana bread.  Of course I like banana bread.  Bananas, banana shakes, banana candy, banana smoothies. and anything other than banana bread (and muffins) is just plain unacceptable.  But even I can’t complain about moist carbohydrates.  Her second question was whether I liked nuts in it and frankly I thought that was what banana bread was–banana NUT bread.  I humored her anyway and said yes some nuts can’t hurt.  We’re all a little nutty anyway. 

The conversation then turned into how she would have ALL this banana NUT bread (let’s not forget about the nuts involved) and only us to eat it all.  I didn’t really see the problem, but since she was so concerned I suggested to take a loaf with me to work.  They need food and plus we had a new lady joining our team.  This made my mother relieved and happy.  Daughter good deed done for the day (check out the alliteration).  Check that off the list.

So I was plenty happy with myself solving that little dilemma and when I saw the bread resting atop the counter with those precious pecans poking (ooo ooo alliteration!!!) out from the brown crust my mouth even watered a little.  Monday morning I was on my way to work and there was banana NUT bread for all.  But what’s this?  Those don’t look like pecans riddled through the flesh of the loaf.  No.  Those are soft, dark, rich, chocolate chips.  I couldn’t help smile to myself–I am my sugar-pushing mother’s daughter.  With no butter necessary, the chocolate was a quick sweetness that cut through the notorious banana aftertaste.  My otherwise uber-healthy co-workers were pleasantly surprised and went through an occasional chocolategasm through the course of the meeting. 

Smiles all around.


3 Comments to “just a little nutty but plenty chocolatey”

  1. i wish i were looking at a picture of that bread right now…or maybe not, i might be throwing myself at the computer screen trying to eat some of it 🙂

  2. Sounds like a perfect loaf to me!

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